Using the G word differently

I read the Daily Word, every day, a Silent Unity publication. It is the equivalent of the Fundy Christian Daily Word.

Today’s portion was interesting, in that it used the G (god) word more than usual. When I read this line:

I am protected at all times, safe and secure in the all-encompassing presence of God.

My reaction was, “Yeah, right. As if god will keep me safe if I get hit by a car.”

Then I realized that I could interpret that as inner strength. As in, “I am strong inside, and I remain cool and collected no matter what happens. I protect myself.  If anyone insults, patronize me, racially discriminate me, I protect myself by not taking it personally.”
I can draw that interpretation because I know that by “god” they mean ME–the perfect person I was before life ran all over me and shred me to pieces. I’ve read so in their literature (they actually mean the universe, of which I’m part). Then I went through the entire passage with that in mind, and what do you know? In the psychological realm, it all made sense. The portion contains positive words to live by, even if includes the G word that the majority uses so differently.
I guess the trick is to understand that all inspiration is strictly spiritual. And it is just that inspiration for inner strength. Once we’re pumped up, we go out there and “break” a leg.
I am safely centered in God.

Spirit within guides my steps and lights my way. I am protected at all times, safe and secure in the all-encompassing presence of God.

Circumstances in the outer world cause me no fear, because my heart is full of God’s love, full of God’s presence. I acknowledge this powerful Presence, give thanks and center myself in its peace.

Where love, peace and confidence prevail, no harm can enter. God within me is a fortress of power and protection. My thoughts are positive and my words affirmative as I recognize my security in God within. I am calm and self-assured, helping others to feel safe and secure as well.


Things going well

I’m quite busy these days, with summer, volunteer work and all. But I continue reading and practicing my spiritual disciplines. I love meditating. Which is, you know, sitting there for a while trying to think about nothing. It is so relaxing. I do it at the tune of Nature Music on cable TV.

The reading is what keeps me going, though. Yesterday, I was getting upset because I have a “user” who wants to micromanage my team. I say “my” because I’m the team leader. Then, I read in some book that most things that bother us or that we get upset about don’t matter at all. I immediately remembered many incidents in which I was agitated, offended, or whatever. Looking back, the stuff I was taking so seriously didn’t matter one little bit. That realization stopped the negativity, and allowed me to enjoy a few hours of worry free bliss, which is so rare for me.

I don’t know if there is a supernatural force behind all there is–or if it is all natural. But I know that ever since I started talking to the Universe, or to the source of all life, acknowledging that I’m part of it, my life has changed tremendously. I needed that connection with my inner self. I needed a place to figure things out on my own, a way to find psychological release.

One thing that really helps is to count one’s blessing. I’ve been doing that. An incredible number of good things have happened to me in a short period of 3 weeks or so.  Of course, all that could’ve happened even if I hadn’t been keeping my spiritual practice. However, I now notice. And keeping my mind on good things is half the battle, because it makes me feel special. It helps me walk with my chin up expecting more good stuff.

There are folks who are naturally optimistic and expect good things of life. Those folks probably don’t need to practice rituals. But I do. And I have nothing against anyone who can do without said rituals. I figure we all need to do whatever it takes to live another day, and reading and meditating is what I have chosen to do.

But, what has been so good? I got out of the house to meet others. I have met all kinds of cool people from all walks of life, and I love it. I have gained a new trust in the human race. I’m no so afraid of people anymore… just a little bit.

I got a volunteer job that I love and gets me out of the house daily. I’m working with former classmates and friends whom I love and love me. That is extremely important to me.

All kinds of good deals have come my way. I find money on sidewalks. People give me things. I discover incredible deals. Today, for example, we happened to be downtown and decided to go to Sears. We discovered they were having a sale. We went in and spent $300.00. He bought 10 pairs of pants, 3 sweaters, and other stuff. I bought 8 blouses, 4 pants, and a purse. We basically have new wardrobes, for $300.00.

Out of the blue, I got a job interview. My instructor sent the resume. I don’t know what will come of it. But at least I’ll practice my interview skills.

So basically, in 4 weeks, I’ve gotten myself a whole new life, and I like it. I still feel wobbly. I feel like I just stood up and somebody can put a finger on my shoulder and push me backwards. I feel like a toddler trying to walk and feeling afraid to fall any second. But at least I’m finally walking, after 6 years of isolation and depression.

I don’t know what the future has for me. I’m going to have to take it one day at a time. Because I’m darned scared of thinking longer than that.

Recycling biblical knowledge

I am reading a book called Discover the Power Within You, by Eric Butterworth. I will probably have more to say about it in coming days.

This is a book that once Operah said changed her life, and I can see why. The book comes from the Unity tradition which teaches that we’are all part of god.  God is the ocean, we are a wave. God is the ground, we are the flowers.

Unity, of course, isn’t the only movement that teaches pantheism. Buddha. Lao Tse, Plato, the Dalai Lama, and many others teach the same concept. What’s different about Unity is that they use the Bible.

It’s pretty neat for a former Bible freak like me, for a I know all the verses and the traditional interpretation. In my opinion, the Unity people are just using the Bible to teach their philosophy. It’s a tool, much in the same way as you would use the Little Red Riding Hood story to teach a kid a lesson.

But I find that knowing so much about the Bible and Jesus is helping me get the point much easier. Yes, I’ve read a lot about positive thinking from a lot of people, but it never did hit home.  It’s also fun and at times even funny. For example, the book says that when Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the life,” he meant that we should all think that way about ourselves. It was an affirmation, basically, that Jesus used, and that we can use as well.

I think it would be funny if I went around saying to people, “I am the way, the  truth, and the life.”

On the other hand, if I believe that, it will stop me from trying to find answers in all the wrong places. I know that when it comes to my life, I have all the answers.